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We fill the gap between expensive in-ground pool and do-it-yourself above-ground installations

Call Us for Your Installation:
When the cost, lot shape or underground utilities make an in-ground pool prohibitive, we can take the hassle out of installing an above-ground pool or spa.  The savings from doing the installation yourself can be lost many times over if the installation is not done properly.  It is not as easy as it looks to do the job right.

We are Happy to Service Existing Pools: 
Feel like you have no one to turn to for problems with your existing above-ground pool? C & S Pools is pleased to service and repair your pool even if we didn't install it.   From pump replacement to replenishing your liner, we take pride in keeping your pool safe and good looking.

Wondering If Your Pool Can Move With You?
Moving an existing pool is often a cost effective alternative to a buying new one!  If the structure of your pool has not deteriorated, and the new location is within our Southern NJ (& vicinity) service area, we can disassemble it, transport it and reinstall it for you.  Time and weather exposure can make disassembling and moving a pool harder than the initial installation.  But C & S Pools has the patience and finesse to do the job carefully so as to protect your investment.

Other Services C & S Pools Provides:
If it has to do with above-ground pools, we can handle it.  Do you want a custom-built deck or concrete patio around the pool or want to tie the pool deck to your existing house deck?  No problem!  Do you want us to fence or landscape the area around the pool or need other light excavation work on the property? We can do that too!  



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