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Call Us for Your Installation:
When the cost, lot shape or underground utilities make an in-ground pool prohibitive, we can take the hassle out of installing an above-ground pool or spa.  It is not as easy as it looks to do the job right.

We Do the Job Right: 
The savings from doing the installation yourself can be lost many times over if the installation is not done properly.  Incorrect installation can lead to premature failure of the pool and frame; excessive liner wear, leaks and even rupture; personal injury or death; liability issues and legal  consequences.

All Installations are Custom Jobs, But Priced Right:
We will plan your installation specifically for your particular pool, shape and site. All ground work, including rough grade around pool, blocks, sand, pool assembly and filter set up will be included. As appropriate, the installation may include additional under-layment to protect the liner, a foam pool cove (instead of sand), etc.   

Our Installation goes further:
Installation includes initial treatment and testing of the water, instruction on how to operate pool, and a warranty on the installation!  On the basic installation, or if you have chosen other services, such as decks, we will do our best to provide a quality of installation you can be proud to show off.

Limitation of Warranty:
All pool installations are warranted but the warranty does not include the equipment which is covered by the manufacturers warranty. Reinstallations of used equipment and out-of-warranty pools are only warranted in regard to the installation itself and cannot extend to the reused pool or equipment itself.  C and S Pools will not reinstall a used pool or equipment if a cursory visual inspection reveals that the said equipment or pool is beyond its useful life, and cannot be held responsible for failure of the used pool or equipment, or consequential damage from said failure, by reason of age or previous use.



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