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Your Pool Can Move With You
You may be surprised that your existing pool can go with you when you move.  The cost of moving and reinstalling it at your new location will be significantly less than the cost of buying a new pool and installing it.

We Do All the Work and Do It Right:
As long as the structure of the pool remains functional and sturdy, and the new location is within our Southern NJ (& vicinity) service area, we will be happy to disassemble your pool, transport it to your new location, and reinstall it for you. Time and weather exposure make disassembling and moving a pool harder than the initial installation.  But C & S Pools has the patience and finesse to do the job carefully so as to protect your investment. 

Other Services C & S Pools Provides:
Once reinstalled at the new location, you can use some of your saving to do things you never did when the pool was at the old location:  Do you want a custom-built deck or concrete patio around the pool or want to tie the pool deck to your existing house deck?  Do you want us to landscape the area around the pool? We can do it!  See some other services we provide.

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